Need help installing DVR-108

I recently got a Pioneer DVR-108. My computer originally had a Sony DVD-ROM (just a reader) and a Liteon CD-R/RW drive. I read somewhere that u cant have two burners in so I replaced the Liteon with my new Pioneer DVD burner. When I opened the computer up I noticed that the Sony DVD-ROM was set to master and the Liteon set to slave so I put the Pioneer to slave. Then I installed Nero (it came with the Pioneer). Now I went to burn a DVD disc and it wouldnt work, the error was that there was not enough room on the blank DVD-R, I tried with 3 different types of media.
And in My Computer it used to have D: (the Sony) and E: (the Liteon), now its D: (the Sony) DVD-RW Drive E: (the Pioneer) and DVD Drive F: (???) I don’t know why it says I got an F: drive, is it supposed to be like this? Any help would be great I’ve looked all over the net but cant seem to find good advice. Pionners official site dosnt have anything at all about installation.

I have heard that the 108 likes to be Master, so try swapping them around.

I set the DVR-108 to master, works fine now! Thx 4 the help mildside