Need help installing a motherboard

I need help installing a motherboard. I’m confused as to which connectors go from the cases front panel to the motherboard. One of the main reasons why I bought this case was because it has a headphone jack on the fron ad 2 USB ports. Here’s the connectors and their names:

Front Panel Audio Connector (FP-AUDIO1):

Pin 1: MIC2 L (Microphone 2 Left)
Pin 2: AGND (Analog Ground)
Pin 3: MIC2 R (Microphone 2 Right)
Pin 4: AVCC (Analog VCC Power)
Pin 5: FRO-R (Front Right)
Pin 6: MIC2_JD (Microphone 2 Jack Detected)
Pin 7: F_IO_SEN (Front I/O Sensor)
Pin 8: (Not used)
Pin 9: FRO-L (Front Left)
Pin 10: LINE2_JD (Line 2 Jack Detected)

Additional IE1394 Port Headers:

Pin 1: TPA0 +
Pin 2: TPA0 -
Pin 3: Ground
Pin 4: Ground
Pin 5: TPB0 +
Pin 6: TPB0 -
Pin 7: +12V
Pin 8: +12V
Pin 9: NC
Pin 10: Ground

Additional USB Port Headers:

Pin 1: VCC
Pin 2: VCC
Pin 3: Data0 -
Pin 4: Data1 -
Pin 5: Data0 +
Pin 6: Data1 +
Pin 7: Ground
Pin 8: Ground
Pin 9: NC
Pin 10: NC

I know I’ve done the Power and Reset switch ones properly. Here are the connectors that are supposed to go to either of those 3 pin headers (> formation means same connector):

(I’m pretty sure this one is for the audio jacks):

R-Ret /

L-Ret /


(I think these ones are for the firewire port):


(I think these are for the USB Ports):

2 + D
2 - D
1 + D
1 - D

You help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just for moral support. I find the lack of instructions “very frustrating” when installing/building a new system. I must have lucked out a year ago when I built mine but get out the magnifying glass and carefully read your motherboard. I found some printed material on the board that helped place a few of the wires. After that, given they are all low voltage, I just cycled all the wires to connections they fit until all my buttons worked.

I’m curious if anyone knows the “hunt and hope” method is a NO-NO–or just tedious? /// bobbo.

You don’t want to screw around with the power and rest button ones, but the other ones I’m pretty sure are alright.

I need these ports, I use them just about every day.

You have wires for the usb and firewire ports??? I don’t think I have any such thing==and I did build this all by myself and my ports work. ==ok–I have wired-in my internal usb port connection to add 2 more usb ports to my back panel. Those were clearly labeled “USB” on my motherboard. Should be on yours too? /// bobbo

It’s the wires on the case that I’m having trouble with. The motherboard is great. I just need help putting the puzzle together.

There should be a manual for the motherboard that shows the pins. You may be able to download one from the manufacturer. The same goes for the case.

I feel you pain though. Even with all the documentation it is frustrating.

Can you tell us the Mobo manufacturer and Model #. We may be able to help you better if we know what board it is.:wink:

I know what the pins are for the motherboard. The thing is the case didn’t come with any documentation, and the names on the connectors are vary from those on the motherboard. I got my case from (It’s the X-Ventilator case). The first part of my first post has the names and stuff for which connectors go where, the second part is the name of the connectors that I need to plug into the pins.