Need help in selecting an external DVD drive

I would like some suggestions in picking up an external DVD burner. I want a fast one that can do everything. Price really doesn’t matter that much. I would like to have both firewire and USB 2.0 for connection. I am kina leaning toward Plextor’s external burner.
Please help…



A majority of burners are internal burners with cases. What I would do is find a good 5.25" case that has firewire+usb and buy a good burner to put it in. Basically most external burners now and days are internal burners with external cases, which accounts for the ridiculously high prices. Most externals will also use a lousy model of DVDRW and will not burn as good as a one you make yourself. You can also build yourself an external slim DVD-RW (laptop DVDRW). I put together my Pioneer K15 slim drive into an external case and it works with one USB cable but the bad part is you have to sacrifice the firewire because firewire can not use the voltage from the USB connection. Other than that I would recommend making your own external or buy one that is pre-built with a good internal DVDRW used.