Need Help in Connecting Hard Drive + DVD RW+ DVD/CD RW on a motherboard with IDE

Hi All
This is my 1st post on this site and i need help of you all
Actually i have a motherboard Intel 82845 g/gl with 512 MB Ram with 40 GB HDD
Recently I purchased a 200 GB HDD with IDE Connectors as my motherboard is IDE Enable not the SATA one.
So I Purchased a 200 GB HDD + 1 DVD RW + 1 CD/DVD Combo and i wish to connect them on my motherboard

1st I connected both optical drives on the motherboard without changing the jumper settings. Old 40gb HDD was connected and both the optical drives was connected on my system and there was no problem in connecting the drives and they were getting recognised and the HDD was on Master in terms of jumper

Then i removed the 40 gb HDD and then connected the 200gb :iagree:
then checked the bios none of the drives and the HDD was detected
then i removed the jumper from the HDD and then made the DVD RW the master drive and then restarted the computer
the drive and the HDD is recognised but the CD/DVD combo is not getting recognised
I used the same IDE cable to connect the HDD and the DVD RW and then it worked
now the main problem arises is i need some help in connecting the cd/dvd combo as well on the computer. I know its the game of Jumpers and i am not aware of the same .


When there is one device connected to an IDE channel, it should be jumpered as master. When there are two, one must be master and the other set as slave.

Normally best results are obtained when the hard drives are on the primary IDE channel, and the optical drives are on the secondary IDE channel.

To get good results with a modern DVD burner or a modern hard drive, the IDE cable should be the newer ATA 133 ribbon cable. These cables have 80 conductors as opposed to the older cables with 40 conductors.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with the combo drive. The DVD burner should be able to handle everything.

an ide cable supports only 2 ide drives
the posibilitys are as this
1 drive master
2 drive slave

1 slave
2 master

1 cable select
2 cablesellect

1cable select
2 master/slave

U need to check the jumper settings on the units to ensure that only one per ribon is either master or slave
some ide controllers support only cable select options
possible settup scheme

1 ide
hdd 200 master
hdd 40 slave
2 ide
dvd rw master
combo dvd slave

If you wish to read from your CD and then burn with the combo then it’s worth installing both drives.

On the motherboard there will be two IDE connectors, IDE1, and IDE2. The IDE1 is the primary connector and should be used for the hdd/s. The IDE2 is the secondary connector, this is where you should connect the optical drives. The IDE cable will have two sets of connectors toward one end of the cable, the one in the middle is the slave position, and the drive connected to it needs to have the jumper on the rear of it in the slave position. This also would apply to the hdds if you are going to run two units.

It would help if you could include the make and model of the computer if you can’t provide the make and model of the motherboard. The Intel 82845 g/gl number that you listed is a graphics controller.

Hi & welcome to the forum.

It really all depends how you want to use things.

It can be useful to have the HDDs on separate IDE cables, likewise for the opticals.

If you expect to do disc-to-disc copying then the opticals must be on separate cables, although disk-to-disk copying is not recommended generally, especially for DVDs.

Is the new 200gb HDD going to have Windows installed on it. If yes then it really should be the master on the primary channel. But if it’s just a data disk then I’d go for the 40gb HDD as primary master & the 200gb as secondary slave.

These days it really doesn’t matter whether an HDD is on the primary or secondary channels or are master or slave.

If the burner is a Ultra DMA mode 4 type , like Pioneer, latest Liteons & some LGs then it really must the master on which ever channels it’s on.

So a little insight as to what you’re going to do is really necessary.

I just copy the original CD to the hard drive and then burn it from there. If I want to copy the CD image, I copy it to Nero’s virtual drive (ImageDrive) and burn from there. I’d rather do that then screw around with another optical drive.

Whoops, I was wrong about how Nero copies CDs. The virtual drive has nothing to do with it. Nero just copies it to the hard drive as some image file.

It’s been a while since I did that, and I do get confused. Anyway much better than having two drives, in my humble opinion.

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Brothers I Will try the same and then get back to you in no time
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Well i lost my motherboard and i am looking forward to get one can u suggest me a good brand