Need help in choosing a new DVDR

Hi there

Haven’t posted here for what seems like ages! Anyway finally in the market to purchase a DVD writer and am unsure at present what to buy. I see a lot of discussion regarding the 411s/451s etc.

For my humble needs I just need a writer that can write discs for my DVD player and PS2, oh did I forget to mention backing up some of pc games ie Call of Duty.

Your assistance and comments are always appreciated.


I’m not even gonna lie to u - I’m biased. I’d probably tell u to get a 4 series lite on (whether 411 or 451) and feed it good quality media like ritek g04(datasafe, arita, traxdata), pretty much anything from verbatim, maxell and discs with the ricohjpn dye for + discs.
since I’m still biased, I’d ask u to look into it and see if its worth ur while stretching a few dollars more to the 8xx which does 8x on + media, if it interests u.

Or just mod to 8xx. The mod is pretty darn safe if you use it properly. I’d say what… about a 1% margin for things to go wrong.

Look into the new NEC burner as well. I don’t know if it has bit setting, but it is a nice drive as well. Read OC’s review on it here.
Then read the 411S/811S reviews at the same above link.

I would pick between the 411S/811S - 2500A.