Need help in choosing a DVD writer



Hello there!

The time has come to buy a DVD writer. I must confess this is my first, and i have only been using CD-R’s to store all my data. Lately it seems that cd’s cant keep up, so a dvd writer is the best solution.

I’ve been reading a few posts about best drives out there: Nec and BenQ

I dont want to start another endless dialog about which one is better but i would like to ask YOU CDFreaks members to recomment me a drive from this list (available from my local computer store) and tell me if these drives are any good


DW1620-Retail DW1620 16X: DVD+RW 16x8x4 DVD-RW 8x4x2.4 Dual Layer DVD+R 2.4 w/SFT (retail-box)

DW1610 16x DW1610: DVD+RW:16x4x16 DVD-RW: 12x4x16 1-layer CD-RW: 40x24x40 beige

DW1620 16X DVD+/-RW DW1620 16X DVD+RW 16x8x4 DVD-RW 8x4x2.4 Dual Layer: DVD+R 2.4 w/SFT (Beige)

DW1620 16x DVD+/-RW BK DW1620 Black 16x DVD+/-RW Dual-mode Dula-layer (2.4 +R) w/software Black

DW1625 Black DVD+R/RW/DL 16X4X2.4X DVD-R/RW 8X/4X DVD-ROM 16X CD-R/RW/ROM 40X24X40X OEM w/ LightScribe & Software


3520A 16X DVD+/-RW 16X/16X ATAPI DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive (Beige Bezel)

3520A-BK 16X DVD+/-RW 16X/16X ATAPI DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive (Black Bezel)

These are all the BenQ’s and NEC’s this store is offering. The prices range from 65 to 95 CAD most of them being 68 bucks.

I see in their descriptions for some of them DVD+RW. Does this mean that it cant burn DVD-R?
What speeds should i be looking for? 8X, 12X, 16X?
From what i read (in this forum) DVD+R are the best…which drive is the best at writing +'es? Also what is LightScribe?

I will be mostly burning movies (multiple Divx movies per DVD) speed does not matter much, but reliability, quality of final product and compatibility. I also intend using this drive for a couple of years or until Blu-Ray or HD-DVD is out

Thanks for taking your time in reading my quite lengthy post.