Need help - I'm feeling pretty dense here :)

I have a CD-RW drive (Cyberdrv CW038D) and have always been able to write and read CD’s from it. I have some disks that play on my DVD player attached to my TV but it is not even recognized by this CD-RW player so I can’t play them on Windows Media Player (version 10). Do I need a decoder for Windows Media Player to do this? Are there any free versions out there?

They aren’t really important enough to pay for a decoder if that is what my problem is. I don’t know what type of files are on the CD because my CD-RW player is not recognizing the CD at all. Is this an issue with my CD player (does it have to be a DVD player?) or an issue with Media Player?


If the discs are DVD then there’s no way of recognising them with a CD-RW.

So is there a good brand of inexpensive DVD player/burner out there? One that will burn CD as well?



All dvd burners burn CDs as well today!!!

Benq , LG , NEC & Liteon will be good. Depends what you have easy access to.

Thanks Tim!

I ended up purchasing a Lite-On, wow neat software that comes with it and easy too. I have another question though.

I have two different connections on my mother board to the audio cable, CD1 and CD2. I have the DVD-RW set up as my Secondary Master and my CD-RW as my Secondary Slave, I read my motherboard booklet and it states that there are two, only because one is a 4 pin and the other a 3 pin depending on whether or not your drive comes with one or the other. Both of my drives “could” be attached there but it does not specify on the MB docs that you can do this. Does anyone know if both can be plugged in at the same time?


Don’t bother with these as it’s not necessary.

Just make sure that you check “Enable Digital CD Audio extraction…” in the properties for the DVD-RW & the CD-RW.


Can you explain to me why you don’t need to connect them? I’d like to know for further reference when I’m building machines.

Would it make a difference if I also had a PCI sound card in my machine?



There are 2 ways to get audio from a CD device.

One is analogue which is when the cables are connected & the “Enable Digital …” is not checked. So the sound is played via the audio cable which goes to the sound processor. Very rarely is this necessary.

The other is Digital where the sound is extracted digital via the IDE cable & routed through the motherboard to the sound processor (card).

Whilst most people connect these audio cables I’d bet they are very rarely used as the audio is extracted digitally in most cases.

I only learnt about this in the last year & I’ve been working on PCs for 20 years or more.

And NO it’s doesn’t matter whether you have on-board sound or a sound card.


You know Tim, it seems quite foolish that they don’t tell you that in the motherboard or CD/DVD documents. I don’t have the extensive knowledge you have but I’ve built a few machines and worked on lots of friends/relatives/neighbors computers adding components and never once read that anywhere.

Thanks, I appreciate you telling me about it.


I’m curious about one other thing. If your cable for the CD/DVD drive is connected and you have “enabled digital” checked, then the sound is still routed through your IDE cable, right?



When “Digital Audio” is used, the audio data is sent via the usual data path (aka the IDE cable ).

The Analogue audio cable can be used if you have very old games or programs. But nothing these days still uses it.