Need help - iHAS124 Y burning certain CDRs



I have two SATA “Lite-On” iHAS124 Y (BLOV) CD/DVD burners in my most recent build. They are connected to SATA ports 4 & 5, set to IDE mode, on my GA-770TA-UD3 AMD mobo. They can read OK, boot from them OK, and I can even write with them using HP CDRs and Sony & HP CD-RWs, so I don’t think that they are defective.
But they won’t write on my Imation CDRs 8X (CMC). Yea, I know they’re not the best, but I have been using them for years with no problems writing on them in other systems using LG, Pioneer, Sony and BenQ IDE writers. Besides, I have a few cake-boxes of them and would really like to use them up before buying new media.
I thought for sure that a firmware upgrade would do the trick, so I downloaded the BLOX firmware and upgraded the firmware using Ver 1.61 of Binflash. (Thanks to Liggy and Dee, and all who contributed to this great collection of firmware & tools). I used the ORIG firmware since I haven’t the need to change regions, bits, etc.The upgrade to both burners was successful.
Unfortunately I still have the same problem. In Nero-7, after I click BURN to burn an ISO, it quickly jumps to 9% complete and hangs there for a min or 2, then issues the failure - write error warning. Funny thing is the CDR was never actually written to. Nero “Disk Info” says its still a blank CDR and will accept it for another burn. Nero’s logfile shows
Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR). I’m guessing that Nero determines it can’t write to this media and doesn’t even try. So its not a write error as much as it is an inability to write to this media, or so I think.
Any suggestions/help would be greately appreciated.

P.S. I attached the Nero Logfile - Thanks.


As I can see from your log, these are fairly old 650 MB discs.
Although the iHAS124 Y, as an Optiarc model, is a fairly good CD burner, most likely the burner simply doesn’t support this old media anymore. Media needs to be supported in the firmware of the burner. I’m pretty sure Nero is not the culprit.

Your best bet would be getting an older CD-R only burner (which, inevitably, will be PATA – if your computer no longer has any PATA ports, you can buy a PATA-USB adapter for about € 5 shipped from Hong Kong on eBay).


Thanks for the quick reply kg_evilboy. I was afraid that would be the answer. I guess you are right, but I was hoping someone would point me to a newer firmware or one with a better write stratigy, etc. Funny thing, the HP & Sony cdrs & cd-rws that do work are actually older than the Imations that don’t.
It sounds like you don’t think any of the newer drives will handle these older cdrs - correct? If you could recommend one that would, then I’ll get it and use one of these 1HAS124s as a reader in another new system I’m planning on building later this year; I usually have 2 in each system to allow on-the-fly copying.
If not, then I’ll have to resort to something I didn’t want to do: use certain CDRs for this burner, and other CDRs for that burner and have to remember which is which.
But I guess it’s not the end of the world.
Thanks again.


While some modern DVD burners use AutoStrategy, SolidBurn, HyperTuning etc. to create new write strategies for new and unknown DVD media, this doesn’t apply to CD-R media. And I doubt most other drives would enjoy these discs either (that said, I still have a few dark blue 8x Verbatim Metal Azo CD-R but I really can’t think of any burner in my collection that would enjoy them, save for the 24x Philips Jackrabbit).

Really I’d recommend getting an older burner, there are some deals for pre-owned burners on eBay that aren’t bad.


Thanks, but I think part of my problem is I have too many older tech parts. I have about half a dozen old burners that will enjoy these disks, so thats not a problem.

I just spent the better part of the last 3 weeks trying to get Norton Ghost15 SRD (uses WinPE 2.0) to boot on 2 of my systems based on the old nForce2 chipset (support for which was dropped in WinPE 2.0) So I gotta get out from these cobwebs and into the new equipment. I’m wasting too much time trying to marry the old to the new.

Do you have one of these iHAS124 Y burners? If so what media would you recommend? I usually buy my stuff from Newegg; I see they don’t carry the TYs any longer.



Unfortunately I don’t, but looking at Google Product Search it seems that a lot of places, including Amazon and TigerDirect are still selling JVC CD-R (which is all genuine TY now) :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=k6_user;2621031]TI guess you are right, but I was hoping someone would point me to a newer firmware or one with a better write stratigy, etc.[/QUOTE]
There is a newer firmware BL0X available for your drive, but I doubt that it will add support for your discs.


<DT>kg_evilboy,</DT>I’ll be sure to check out those JVC CD-Rs - Thanks

<DT>Liggy,</DT><DT>Yes, I did upgrade to the BLOX firmware (see 1st post) and you’re correct, it did not add support for these discs. Thanks again for all your work on the Firmware & Tools.</DT>
Thanks to all…