Need help identifying these drives

I’ve got two drives that were purchased under an rebandaged drive. I’ve always suspected the drives were Benq drives, but I’ve never been sure.

I’ve patched the drives with benq firmware and it seems to work, so I think that’s a good signal that the drives are in fact benq.

I forgot to add…

is there any other firmware that can work with these drives? I ask because both drives fail when reading some audio cds (u2’s Best of 1990-2000 disc 2 B-sides. the last track fails). Other drives (philips and lite-on) dvd drives can read the last track fine. - not a great pic, but it sure looks like it - the dashed pattern on the bottom is barely visible, but the controls, eject hole and led shape and style match, even the CDRW logo stamping on the tray and the position of the lettering

if i understand firmware correctly (and i may not…lol) it should only be possible to flash a drive with benq firmware if it is indeed a benq drive.

Take a look at the drives. There should be a FCC-ID somewhere. Look that ID up on this website and if you are lucky you’re provided with more than enough info.

I’m an embedded systems and firmware engineer, and I can’t agree with you more. But, I’ve seen strange things when assuming this.

Thanks guys, I didn’t want to pull the drives to look at the label again, but I’m guessing that’s the next step. Maybe I’ll throw my NEC-2500A into one of the PCs while I got them opened…

thanks for the link…allowed me to identify a couple of old generic drives i had lying around. :bigsmile:

where are the fcc codes? Every time I’ve tried to use this for other devices I’ve failed. I see the comply with FCC notice, but nothing like any FCC ID. Any idea where it’s located on that silver sticker?

BTW looking at the unguessed drive it’s internal label states 4824P model 51 so I’m pretty sure that’s a benq.

Now to find out the best firmware to use… any cross brand firmware work on these drives?

burp, er bump. Anyone know where the FCC ID is located?