Need help identifying replacement for DVR-K14

Greetings. This is my first post. I searched but did not find any existing answers.

I have an HP Pavillion dv1150us which contains a Pioneer DVR-K14, which is spilled milk on and broke. I’ve searched everywhere for another DVR-K14 and cannot find one. It’s looking as though I’m going to have to buy a newer model (I have found DVR-K15’s for sale). I have questions though:

  1. How do I identify a replacement cd/dvd drive for the DVR-K14? Even if the dimensions (L, W, D) are the same, how do I know if it will mount properly? - I’m referring to the the screw that screws in from the bottom of the laptop.

  2. Assuming I can find out how to determine if a drive mounts in the same way, does anyone have any recommendations for something comparable to the DVR-K14?

Thank you.

The K16 is just new on the market, maybe you should check it out.

I just looked up the K16 - it looks good.

This is my main problem though. My K14 is 129 deep (I assume that’s milimeters?) The K16 says it’s 127 deep. This means it’s not going to fit right? And even if the depth IS the same, how can I be certain that the holes will match up to mount properly?

The answer, I suppose, would be the physically look at it. But I can’t find any retail stores that sell laptop drives. That means that I have to order things off the internet, where I can’t physically compare.

What’s the solution for me, then?

Hey guys. I still need some help on this issue. If you could scroll up and read and help me out, I’d be appreciative. The issue is this - How do I know, when shopping online, whether or not a drive will fit in my laptop or not??