Need help identifying a Sony laptop burner



More precisely, I need the specs on this thing!! I’ve searched everywhere and all I’ve been able to find out for sure is that
its a slim CD-RW/DVD drive. Noone is listing specs on this thing which is making me uber suspicious.

Its a Sony bulk slim-line laptop CD-RW/DVD Combo drive Model: CRX830e-10x. I read in one group that it could actually be a retagged Liteon LSC-24082K. I’m hoping that’s the case.

But right now besides the detailed specs, I don’t know whether this is:

A: a 24x Write/24x Rewrite/8x DVD drive or
B: a 24x Wrtie/10x Rewrite/8x DVD drive!

That 10x in the model name is making me wonder.

If you can help me get the specs on this drive I’d be sooo grateful.

-The Riptotron


You can test the maximum speeds for yourself…

The Sony CRX830E is not exactly a LSC-24082K, it is something newer. It should be 24x24x24x/8x.


Well, I was hoping someone here would know its specs before I’d go out and buy it. The Liteon drive is also 24x/24x/24x/8x and it supports Mt. Rainer.

I have absolutely no info on the Sony drive at all. I don’t even know what different flavors of DVD-/+R it supports nor what writing modes it allows.

I can understand buying a bulk CD-ROM drive and not knowing anything at all about (within limits) what its capable of, but a CD-RW/DVD combo is a whole other ballpark.

Is there anywhere you or anyone else knows of where I could get info on this drive? I’ve already Googled and Lycos’d and Altavista’d the web to death and turned up only empty product descriptors on online retailer sites.


Why not just get a LSC-24082K? Right now, you can get one for about 80 USD…