Need help ID a Cedyne Drive



I just bought a 24X Cedyne CDRW drive at Office Max. How can I find out it it is a Lite On drive? Please help. If I am not sure that this is a Lite On drive, I will return it.

Thanks in advance.



go2 the website and look at how the firmware’s are catorgerised.
This is how the sony/liteon connection was made.

OC should know :wink:


That is a Cendyne/Lite-On front. It should look like that, check the placement of buttons and such…


Thanks for the help OC.

Base on the picture, it looks like my Cendyne drive is not a Lite On. My got an extra button next to the eject button. This drive is going back.



on what grounds do you intend to send the writer back?


This happened to a bud of mine.

  1. I think you got an Acer (crap)

  2. My bud returned his saying he
    bought it based on reviews he read
    and the unit in the box was not the
    unit he saw reviewed.

  3. Office Max/Best Buy/etc. ALL have a
    14 day ‘Satisfaction’ policy. Just tell them
    you don’t like it. Make sure you repack it
    with all it came with and take your reciept
    with you.

  4. In the future remember, ALL LITE-ON
    CD-RW’s say ‘Burn Proof’ on the box!
    With CenDyne, look at the ‘specs’ sticker
    they paste on the back of the box. If it
    doesn’t say ‘Smart Burn’ don’t buy it!

Mine did and I’m very happy!