Need help getting older Lite-On LVW 5005 FW

I have the Lite-on LVW 5005 purchased in oct 2005, I’ve added the lastest FW 1101, then a hacked version. I did get the 3hr LP mode, but as ya’ll already know the Macrovision is stilll there. I’ve been trying to locate a copy of the version before this lastest. I think from what I’ve read it is the 1098. All the threads and links I follow have all expired. Is there someone out there that can get me a copy preferrably unhacked of the 1098. you can send me and email and attach it or anything else. Thanks.

P.S. I have a stack of VHS tapes waiting to be converted.

I sent it check your email

The March '05 0098 system fw’s for the 0102-1840 and 0104-1840 US and Canada 5005’s are here