Need help getting my new NEC2510a to write at 8x

I just installed this drive today. I am using the latest version of Nero and Ritek 8x dvd+r disks. The fastest that Nero will burn these is 4x. I s there something I can do to get it to write at 8x?



Upgrade your firmware.I think Herrie has a hacked one.Use the search at the top.

Hi superdave, welcome to the forums.

For your information: Nero bases the maximum recording speed on what the drive “tells” Nero. So, if you insert a disc that the NEC drive can write at 4x max. Nero will report 4x as the maximum recording speed. If you insert a disc in the NEC which can be written at 8x by the drive, Nero will report 8x as the maximum speed. If you upgrade the firmware of your drive you can often improve the media compatibility of the drive and hopefully increase the supported recording speeds. Please take a look at the NEC Forum. There is a lot of information posted in this forum and you’re bound to find some answers there. Good luck!

Herries hacked firmware is here, it supports the 2500A and 2510A, but note your drive will be shown as a 2500A if you use this firmware. Read through the comments and information provided in the thread before updating…

The Nec will burn verbatim 8x at full speed. Nec are supposed to be working on an update which will over come the slow burning speed of discs with ritek dyes. It will burn RICOH 4x+R with the media id of 4x RICOHJPNR01-02 at 6x which is a bonus. Hope that helps.

Thanx for all the responses. I did find some info in the NEC forum stating that the 2510a is sometimes picky about which media it will burn at 8x. I have burned cdr’s for years and this is my first foray into the dvd world. I feel like a little kid learning to walk. I guess a good 4x burn is better than an 8x coaster any day.