Need Help Getting around Securom without original disc

I used to have a game called Warcraft 3, and recently I wanted to reinstall and bring back some old memories. However, I lost my original cd’s (living in a dorm sucks :frowning: ). So I downloaded an ISO of the game using Bittorent. I then installed (I save all my program keys in a text file) and updated. However, mounting the image with alcohol 120% doesn’t allow me to run it without a disc. A “no cd crack” is out of the question since I want to play online.

I read a few guides here about how to get around it, but they all require the original disc. Is there a way around securom without having the original disc on hand? And I’ve already tried looking for a BWA, can’t find one. Theres a BWA for the original WC3 on these forums, but I need the BWA for the expansion Frozen Throne.

EDIT: I’ve noticed alot of people in other thread asking for help with pirating. I assure you, I owned the game. I’d just really rather not go blow another 50 bucks for it when I still have the cd key.

Sorry we can not help you here with downloads!

I would contact the publisher and ask to have a replacement disc but you will still need your proof of purchase. Anyways you ISO Most likely won’t work without a Crack so your pretty much stuffed there. This Thread will most likely be Locked by one of the Mod’s and you will be warned enough said. :cop:

Read This and This
Then you should follow syrus’ advice.

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