Need help geting started



hi i want to do some vidio editing. it doesnt have to be pro but wouldent I mind it. what do i need to get stared?? i use vhs-c and would like to be able to put it to vhs and be able to put it on dvd (or what ever will play in a dvd player) . i dont want to put any thing in my computor, but iv heard that i might have to, i found a kit that i kindof like but i dont know if its any good
( )
i would like to speend no more than $250 but the less the better.
i think this comes with a card or somthing, is there any way to keep that outside my comp.???:confused:

this is my first atempt on editing so any help would…well…help


i found that review, what does it mean by No component input/output at the botom???



any body out there???


Well hello.

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