Need help from profissionals here



I have an ASUS drw-24b1lt drive in a mac pro

the drive works fine and all, but with one irritating problem that I believe is related to the firmware of the drive.

the problem is: that I notice that the system is randomly every 1 minute or so polling the drive as if its checking for a disc inside.
the led blink and I hear the drive spins up…
of course this behavior causes my mac to not auto sleep on its on due to this frequent checking.
the only fix for this issue for me is to put a dvd inside the drive to make it stop polling… but thats not convenient to me.
other fixes includes replacing the drive with a sony optriac or some other drive that confirmed not doing this issue…
so some drives do this and other don’t and I don’t know why!

in this link there is a guy that had the same problem with a SAMSUNG TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223L drive, and he contacted samsung support about this issue and he is lucky that they looked into the matter and released a new firmware that fixes this issue…
so Its a firmware issue then!

but I contacted asus, and they have not responed…

So I was hoping if anyone here would be kind enough to digg into this and figure out what part in the firmware that can cause this issue?

I will try to do a crossflash to liteon to see if those firmwares do reproduce the same issue or not though…

thanks in advance