Need help for upgrade firmware

I have buy Lite-on LDW-411S, with FSOB firmware, but I do not succeed to upgrade it. Is anybody help me?

Mobo is: ABIT KR7A-Raid
Proc. AMD 2000XP+
Adaptec SCSI 2940UW2
RAM 512M
Video ATi 9500PRO

Thanks in advance

Go to and mouse over download, then firmware. Then download and extract the files. Run the exe and follow the instructions.

I have downloaded new firmware, but the exe file don’t run. When launch the program does not happen null. I can only kill the process, after.

How are your drives configured? The SCSI may be an issue for the updater.

Another option is to flash in DOS using MTKFlash, or flash in Windows with any of the other flashing utilities using a .bin file.
Although, it would be better to use the LiteOn flasher.

Or could you possible move it to another computer and then flash it?

Problem resolved, I have removed the controller SCSI and the firmware is updated. Thanks to all for the interest.