Need help for renting DVDs



Hello, I own a video rental store in Chile with VHS so far, and I am interested in expanding the renting to DVDs so I got some simple questions. (sorry for my English)

  1. There is any fast way to verify for error in the discs when they are returned to the store?. Maybe with some hardware that makes a fast reading of the surface and tell if the disc is damaged.

  2. There is any study around there with a comparison between renting VHS versus renting DVDs?. For example, how does compare the lifetime of renting VHS with renting DVDs?

  3. In general, where can I find information about the pros and cons of renting DVDs?

I would really appreciate your help, thanks a lot.

Alejandro Ventura R.



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Thanks for your help.

Any aditional information would be great.




you are asking for help on how to rent a dvd?


yes, anything that I should be aware for a DVD renting business.




Oh , another thing…

Try to get the good quality stuff for rent.

I mean … DTS sound … Superbit … Special Editions.

not that $4 crap (unless there’s no substitute)

It’ll cost you more per dvd , but the person who wants to rent dvd instead of vhs defenitaly wants more than normal stereo sound and no background history at all.

In my point of view giving constant good quality and service will give happy customers who are happy to return.

Or be special … have special weeks (Horror , Sci-Fi , you name it) but don’t follow hollywood too much … bring the GOOD movies under attention.

I just bought The Fifth Element from amazon.
Why so late ? Well finally there’s a DVD of the Fifth Element that has DTS sound and very very high quality picture (the superbit). There are no extra’s in it , but i’m happy with that, because i’ve read all the extra’s about it already. And this is a movie to view optimal.