Need help for Google video upload

Hey all, standard noob warning. I hope someone here can help me… I suppose it’s not exactly about burning DVDs but it’s related. I need to upload my sister’s wedding video on google video. I converted the DVD to an mpg file using DVDx, and the file wound up being 688 mb. (it is 80 minutes long) Apparently you can upload files that size on google, but it would take forever.

I’m not all that concerned about picture or video quality… it doesn’t look like the video was made with aesthetic concerns in mind anyway. I did a little google searching and downloaded Super, and tried encoding the file differently. I’m actually in the process of doing this now, but as I speak the output file is already up to 264 mb and counting. I’m about to give up tonight and get some sleep, but I’m hoping I can can get some hints from the kind folks in this forum. I’d really like to get this file down to about 150 mb or less. I’ve never done this before and am not all that familiar with codecs, bitrates, sampling frequency, etc. What can I do to get this file down as small as possible so the quality is just good enough so that the people viewing it can recognize people in the video? Thanks for any help you can provide…

You might be better off converting the file to a format with better compression like mpeg4, divx etc. Here are some conversion guides