Need Help for Fishing stuff!

Well Im a cdfreaks .. duh , but I also have other hobbys then just my computer and all that stuff that comes along with it. My No 1 hobby is Computers but I have a close No2 hobby , and thats fishing ... You may wonder why the hell Im posting a new thread on this stuff at Cdfreaks forum but as I see it “WE” freaks in here have a very good knowing where to find what we what out there on the web.

My problem is that I buy most of my stuff that I need for fishing at my local sports shop, but Im also living in Norway where prices on this kind of stuff if VERY over priced so what do you do ? Shop online from outside your contery. And here just where my problem begins ... I have used google and yahoo ++ and cant say I have found a good online shop that sells fishing equpipment that I need. I found a few but now ask you “freaks” in here :wink: if you know of a good place online where I can buy the stuff I need. If you know of a online shop that ship worldwide ( ore europe ) where I can buy what I need I would be most greatfull and will send you a :bow: in a PM and will also offer my greatest thanx to and would be a local guide for you if you should just find yourself in the westcost of norway … Plz post links to such sites if you have any.

PM sent

Wheres that Rex Hunt bloke when you need him???

I have gotten some respons on PM many thax to them !
and yeah where is Rex Hunt :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just so you people know Im on the look for Rods and Spinning Reels ... Shimano Baitrunner is the keyword here ... the new rod Im looking for must be 12"-16"fot long hopefully Shimano / Milo / Vangen and I`m not on the look for Flyfisning Rod here just so we have cleard that up.

Bass Pro Shop

Yes, Bass Pro Shop should be able to help you.

Sexy_Soth bet you to it :stuck_out_tongue:

The bad thing is that it seems like there is U.S. ver. of rods and spinning reels that you wont find in Europe .... and we have E.U. versions that you dont have … could be good … could be bad … ( US = big game fishing :bow: = must have better Gear :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: )

haa haa…and I don’t even fish…but there is one close to where i live…