Need help flasing my IOMEGA 19200 to PLEXTOR 4012TA

Hello all,

pls help me out here.
i owns a iomega 19200 CDRW drive (firmware v1.01) and i want to update it to Plextor 4012TA (firmware v1.05).
its actually an plextor OEM. the label on the CDRW drive indicated that its made by plextor. with plextor’s logo right on top.

so i think i want to make it a TRUE plextor drive.

i know that by flashing i would void warranty…

i downloaded the plextor w4012a105.exe (v1.05) but of course had no success in patching it by on it

i used winrar and check the cotents

for plextor v1.05 (3 files)

i also have iomega’s 1.01 update firmware
contents (2 files)


it just struck me that io4012.rom its related to the plextor drive. the numbers matches… which makes me more to update… haha.

i’ve tried searching the forum but only this old thread got something to do with it.

i read on the forum that u need a program and enter commands manually to flash it, but i am overwhelmed by the information overflow.

in this case, how would i do it? i think i do not need to back up the firmware anymore since i got the iomega 1.01

does anynone faces the same situation?
or could someone guides me on how to do it?
thanks a lot