Need help flashing this NEC nd-2510a dvd drive

Ok… well, first off, Hi I guess.

Um… I would rather get right to my problem as opposed to going over myself and my interests, lol, but only because it has me so frustrated right now.

I have made a successful copy of one of my 360 games, but I am not allowed to use Imgburn or CloneCD to burn it to a DVD+R DL Disc. I recieve error messages and have come to the conclusion that this… is becuase I can’t burn DL discs with the drive as it is now??? (Even though it says double layer burning on the front of the damn drive).

I have searched everywhere, downloaded everything I could get my hands on, and still have no clue what I’m doing. Haha, I even flashed my drive a few times not really knowing how or what I was doing, luckily (after it stopped working the first time) I had the original backed up or w/e and flashed it with that, so its working again.

Can someone please give me a thorough set of instructions on how I go about burning to a DL DVD? Please?

Thanks in advance, and I’ll give you two more after the job is finished.

The ND2510a can only burn up to 8.5 gigs on dvd+r9 media at a maximum of single (2.4x) speed.

The best firmwares for the drive can be found here.

Wait, so you’re telling me I’m wasting my time trying to burn to these DVD+R DLL discs?

And I’ve totally been to that site, haha, I told you I donwloaded everything from there. I use this program called NECWinflash and like, load those into it and flash the drive from there, but I’m not sure if thats right or not. Anything more detailed?

And again… is there ANY way to burn to these damn DVD+R DL or am I going to go nowhere fast?

That’s a fairly old drive and I’m pretty sure the only DL media that are available that might work with it are the Verbatim MKM001 disks. They will be rated 2.4-6x speed. Many are made in India now, and are considered to be slightly less consistent in quality compared to the ones made in Singapore. If you can find some of these slower DL disks made in Singapore, that would be the best bet, but they may be impossible to find.

The newer, 6x-8x speed Verbatims won’t be recognized properly by your 2510a.

Another option is to replace the drive and use the 6x-8x Verbatim DL disks. I recommend the Pioneer 115 if you want to go this route.

By the way, what error messages do you get from ImgBurn?

[QUOTE=BigPapa07;1989262]is there ANY way to burn to these damn DVD+R DL or am I going to go nowhere fast?[/QUOTE]
Unless you find a firmware that magically enhances the outdated technology of the Nec 2500 hardware schematics. :bigsmile:

I totally found one i believe, I mean, I burned my backup of COD 4 to a Sony DVD+R DL disc after a bunch of failed attempts. I don’t know how many times I flashed my drive, found it didn’t work, and flashed back to my original settings (is that bad to do?) But finally, I flashed something I downloaded from some site, a BIN file called 2fa_fast. I then tried to use Imgburn again, and it totally worked, online and everything, the backup is perfect.

Now if only I could find a step by step walkthrough on how to make custom songs for my GH 2 game :rolleyes: