Need Help Flashing TEAC DV-W524GSB to iHAS 124 B


Need help flashing a TEAC DV-W524GSB to Lite-on iHAS 124 B.
Using Flash Utility 7.2.0 and AL0D.EXE firmware from firmwarehq but the drive cant flash. Error showed “the firmware was not found in the specific file. Make sure the file is not compressed”. Am I using the wrong iHAS 124 B firmware?

Thank you :slight_smile:


  I think that you need the firmware in .bin format.
  I have uploaded both AL0D and AL0S (the latest). Don't forget to backup your current firmware and EEPROM before flashing your drive.
  Also, you will need to convert it after flashing with the EEPROM tool.

AL0D.bin (2 MB) AL0S.bin (2 MB)

thanks so much for the files. done flashing and now it’s an iHAS 124 B AL0S. thank youuuu

Great news.