Need Help Flashing My Phillips CD Drive

Hi, everyone I’m a new member and I’m posting this thread because I need help restoring my Phillips CDD 4801 drive back to normal. The problem is that I had sonic record now installed on the pc and it came with the DLA software too. I didn’t know what that did so I clicked on format and it erased the drives firmware thus making the drive useless meaning it can’t read or write anything. Then I found a flashtool on the phillips site and I flashed the drive to the CS 2.5 version but it still doesn’t work. On the label of the drive it says that the firmware version or rev is CS 1. So if anyone can help me out I’ll greatly appreciate it. If any questions please feel free to ask me by just posting or responding back to me. Thanks Again!!!

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For what I know, DLA software is not able to change the firmware. I think that something went messy in the software itself.

Try to uninstall it and see if the drive will work again :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the response but I’ve tryed that and I didn’t see anything work at all. If anyone has some ideas on maybe flashing the drive or something else please tell me. Thanks Again!!!