Need help flashing my Liteon 32W

I have an exteranl firewire case and inside it i have my lite on 32W. I was wondering if i could flash my burner without creating a startup disk. Do i really have to use MTKFLASH? Can’t I just flash it from the liteon website using v06 to make it 48x? Any help is appreciated.

The .exe file, which is available @LiteOnIT is for 48x drives, but yours IS STILL a 32x

And in your case, in order to OC it to 48x you still have to use the MTKFLASH and vs06.bin files.

How would I do this in XP? HOw do i create a start up disk in winXP? Can i just do this in command prompt while windows is running?

No ! My OS is XP. And I too have been forced to create such a disk. And it’s a piece of cake.

Besides, there are tons of answers on this very issue,
simply try to search for boot disk or bootdisk 98 or something like that.
And it’s not as hard as you might think - I mean, to find, create and flash.

Good luck ! :slight_smile:

I found a bootdisk at for winXP. Where can I find v06 bin file? Can someone send it to my email address please? I’m going to try it again. I’ll report if i have any problems.

Here you go :

What’s your address ? I’m gonna send it straight away, if you wish so.
Well, wait a minute…you can get it here

Good luck !

The quickest and easiest way to create a boot floppy from win XP is to put in a floppy which you don’t mind being formatted.

Then go to my computer, right click on your floppy drive and select format. Then under format options, select create an ms-dos startup disk and then okay. Let it do its stuff and you’re all set.

This is the best boot-up disc as it loads nothing but the necessities and thus is fast. Once the floppy has been formatted with to be a boot disk, copy the required flash proggy and the bin file to the floppy and then use the floppy to boot. Use the flash tool to upload the bin, remove the floppy and restart. You’re all done.

Simple and easy.:slight_smile:


I can’t seem to convert the exe to bin file. Or is it that i have to rename the extracted file to .bin?

somehow when i’m in dos, it can’t recognize my cdrw. I have it set as secondary master. Remember this is an external firewire drive. I remember setting the jumper to master, so i would think this is secondary while my dvd in my laptop is the primary. By the way, i had to remove my dvd from my laptop because of the A drive. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

@Weshy, you are correct. I’ve just formatted a disk this way and flashed back my 48125W -> 40125S using 0k.bin
I knew about it but I wonder what went wrong I once tried it :confused: But I used to create boot disks in pure DOS using a CD w Boot Image and all you needed was there. You name it.
Anyway, it works as it should.

@venzuel00, have you tried this link to get the vs06.bin ?
All you need is to unzip that file - the .bin is inside

Is it normal that when i’m in DOS and try to do a “cd c:”? does it say something like invalid directory? Even when i try doing cd d:\ I got the same message? is it supposed to be like this? Or any problems?

Have you read this thread yet ?

i’ve read a couple of posts but not all of them.

Well, i went to dos and i was able to input the following command:
a:\mtkflash 2 R /b /m xs0x.bin
The program ran and it seemed that it hanged by doing nothing. All I saw was a written text of who made the program and the version number. Um…i 'm gonna try flashing it from win at command prompt.