Need Help Fitting Files Onto 4.7gb DVD

With some of the movies I have, they come in 2 avi files. Sometimes when i try to burn them with Nero, they JUST exceed the size limit of a 4.7gb DVD by like 100mb or so. The program asks me if I want to lower the quality settings to fit it onto the disk, but when I do this it only takes up 3gb of the disk and the results are not so good. The video quality comes out worse than a tape. Is there anyway to just burn the job until it fills the disk and just loose the end of the movie, or can i cut off the credits or something to get it to fit? Can I edit the files?


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To cut end titles you can use virtualDub in direct stream copy; in this way you reduce avi sizes.

To don’t degrade too much video quality, you can ignore error message about too big size of output files, and write vob files on HD. A total size of 5-6 GB is ok.

Finally, you can use dvd shrink to reduce sizes to a single dvd.

Hope this can help

Do as geno888 suggests ( almost) . Don’t use VirtualDub though, skip this phase completely.

DVD Shrink has a trim function so if you’re compressing with Shrink anyway then use it’s trim function instead of getting involved with VirtualDUb.

Ok, how do I get the 2 avi files into a form that DVD Shrink can use to trim? What version of DVD Shrink has the trim function?


Do you need to convert them to DVD-Video?

I’m sure they’d fit fine on a Data DVD, if that’s all you meant to do.

Im using Nero Vision Express DVD creator. I want to make a DVD that will be playable on standard home DVD players.

Perhaps a misunderstanding here. Use Nero as you do but don’t lower the quality & don’t burn. I don’t use Nero for this type of process but I guess you might have to tell it that the target is a Dual Layer (8.5GB) disk. If it only gives you the option of a disk image then OK. In this case you’ll need a virtual CD/DVD driver like Daemon Tools. With this you then mount the image on the virtual drive & treat it as a DVD-ROM.

Now you’ve got the movie files you use DVD Shrink to compress & trim. The only version to use is

I don’t know how Nero handles these 2 parts but I’d join them first with VirtualDub. Open the first one & append the second. Then click on video & check direct stream copy. Then “Save As” your joined file.
Occassionally you might get an audio issue with VBR audio but that’s something else altogether.

Hope this all helps.

Yes it does help. Thank you. Since I only need to shave about 100mb off the burn, is there a way to just trim, but not compress with DVD shrink? With Nero Vision the sum of the 2 files is 4.5gb but I need it to fit onto 4.39gb. Or, is there another, more powerful program i should try guys?

I was able to make the image with Nero Vision, but when I mount the image file, the audio does not sync with the movie. Is there a way to correct this?

Can’t DVDs be overburned? I never tried, but I do remember fitting more data on CDRs…

Currently only plextors can overburn dvd’s (and BenQ i am working with… almost there) and overburn ranges into 100~150MB range … sometimes more.

I think the general advice would be not to overburn. The outer edge of the media is the most likely area to get problems with. This can be with the burn itself or from physical damage. It’s just not worth it IMO.

Regarding trimming with Shrink. Obviously there is a way to trim as I wouldn’t have suggested it in the first place. It’s in the top right corner of the left hand window. It’s the 2 arrows enclosed by the 2 vertical bars.

I still need help trying to sync the audio voices with the movie. They keep being out of sync when i make an image. Does anyone know of a program that does not do this, or a way to fix it?