Need help finding wireless driver

Some PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me. I reformatted my brother’s hp laptop with WinXP. I’ve spent the last four hours looking, but I absolutely can’t find the driver I need to get the wireless working. I went to hp’s site and typed in my model number under the driver download page, and was able to find the driver for the ethernet, but not for the wireless. The string I need is PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002A&SUBYS_1381103C&REV_01\4&1BD4132A&0&00A0. I downloaded Everest and it tells me that the card is from Nvidia. I have no idea how to tell what card I have, and the automatic detection on Nvidia’s site isn’t working for me. I Beseech you! :bow:

What is the model number of the laptop? It will need a Broadcom wireless driver and utility, the nvidia is your graphics card.

Except that it’s a Atheros WLAN card as far as Google can tell…

Try connecting via the ehternet port, and run Belarc Advisor that’s found on the internet which will tell what wireless adapter it is as well as all details about the computer.

Yeah. I searched it up and found that, but was absolutely unable to find the 002a part. 002b kept showing up everywhere. Anyway, I finally found the driver. I searched up the actual model number of the computer and put “drivers” next to it. The second link took me to a site that had all of the drivers for the computer. The strange thing is that it didn’t seem like an actual driver site, but more of a computer help blog. Anyway, it seems that many people downgraded from Vista to XP on this computer, as did I. Thanks for all your help!