Need help finding thermal pads

Does anyone know where I can purchase thermal pads in the US for my cpu heatsink. I can’t seem to find them online. I am having heat issues which I have attributed,after much troubleshooting, to my seeming inability to properly apply thermal grease. Please help as I am idleing at 45c…

What are your problems with the thermal grease? Do you use a CPU without or with heatspreader?

If it’s one without heatspreader, just put a little drop on the core. By the pressure of the heatsink it will be smeared all over the core and that’s sufficient.

For CPUs with heatspreader you’ll need some more though. You can’t do too much wrong here.

BTW: for some CPUs, idling at 45c is nothing abnormal. And besides that, there might be other factors involved regarding this temperature. For instance a case that’s badly cooled or a thermal probe that doesn’t work all that well…

Artic Silver will drop your CPU temp several degrees compared to pads. That said, CompUSA sells pads.

Thx for the reponses…much appriciated

idiling at 45c…while doing video encoding temp reaches in excess of 65c causing the computer to crash. All fans are working properly. This is a recent developement. I am pretty sure that this is the only other reason for my temp problems (based on an amd video on grease application – I did it wrong) but am I am open any other suggestions…

edit: Will a faulty thermal probe cause my comp to crash?

What cpu do you have? No matter what I did with my Athlon 3200+ I couldn’t get it to idle below 50C with air cooling. So I got water cooling anbd it’s running at 22.5C idle right now:) But watercooling is not a solution for everyone. Make sure your case is well ventilated and is not by any major heat source.

Have you tried getting an upgraded heatsink and fan?

lol…have athlon 64 3200 myself. I have a high end heat sink and fan. Scraped the thermal pad idea and went for the artic silver. My idle is still the same but at full load my cpu temp is staying at 56-57c now. Only problem is that I hit my ati aiw 9800pro with a screw driver and now have arifacts all over my screen. Thats $200 down the drain. I think that I will just put my old mx440 back in as i don’t play games anymore. This will probably help with my heat problem also, as i know that card gives off alot of heat.

Same experience here with ArticSilver, the idle temp lowers modestly, but temps under full load can drop significantly.

Indeed it does, but it shouldn’t make the difference between a stable and a non-stable system.

Can you provide some more info on your system? CPU, cooler, case, casefans etc?


mx440 didn’t have a dvi adapter so i bought a 9600se (overpaid), also picked up an antec cyclone blower. Now 52-53c at full load.

System Specs (as requested)

athlon 64 3200
Thermaltake A1838
Zalman 400w ps
1gb (2x512) Mushkin pc3200 low lat.
Gigabyte GA-K8Npro
LIAN-LI 6070A ultra quiet case
120gb serial ata
external 160gb ata
NEW 9600se
NEW Antec Cyclone Blower

I know that my case is a heat trap. Didn’t mention before cause it wasn’t an issue before. I may just replace my low rpm stock case fans with some more powerfull after-markets. Mabey then I can get below 50c at full load. Any other reccomendations would be much appriciated (not confident enough for water cooling).

Also, I didn’t mention in my last post that when I removed my heatsink I had a gloppy mess…

As the ArticSilver cures, your temp will continue to drop a few degrees over about 3-5 days, especially under load. One solution to a hot case is a duct for the CPU to the case side, which intakes cool air.
High 50’s isn’t too bad for an overclocked Athlon under load, my OC-XP2600 runs about 53’ under load with AS3 and a copper heat sink.

Highly recommend Panaflo fans for case cooling, they’re the quietest available for the CFM ratings. “Panaflo medium” is good for most case applications, Panaflol High is pretty robust. Just be sure you wind up with similar CFM ratings on the intake and exhaust fans. I have 7 case fans running here. :o

Also, take into account what you are using for temp sensing. Motherboard diodes are notoriously inaccurate. There’s no substitute for mechanical sensors, especially for case temp and CPU temps when you have a heat problem.