Need help finding old firmware update for Nec ND-3520A please



Hi guys

I’ve got an NEC ND-3520A with the original firmware, version 1.UA. I’m finding it slow to read and takes about 10 seconds from putting a disk in before it finishes reading it so want to update the firmware to see if it helps.

The only ones I can find need you to have firmware version 1.4 to be able to update, but I can’t find it. Can anyone point m in the right direction please?



Don’t know if this’ll help but look here .


I saw that already but the original ones are too new to update from 1.UA


The original firmware was 1.04. The 1.UA you have would appear to be an early version of Dee’s firmware. The above link will give you what you want.


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You can also take a look here & here.


Thanks guys. That gives me the bin files but do you know where I can get the flasher program I need? Thanks again




Just tried that but it says no compatible drives found. It’s definately a 3520A! :frowning:


Ah, I think I’ve done it. Not sure how…I used a DOS one (from to dump the current one and then the Binflasher for WinGUI saw the drive, and let me dump the 1.UA, and flash 1.4. Now I just need to flash with the new one. Which is best to use? The official one or one of the modified ones from Liggy’s site?


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The best f/w is what suits you.
Original f/w is not very flexible. But in theory should give consistant results.
Patched f/w can give flexability (such as bitsetting - rpc1 etc) Liggy & Dee’s can give this + speeding up the process.
The choice is yours.
P.S. If you post the media that you use most. Someone might be able to give a more specific answer.
P.P.S. Have you looked at this:


Use Dee’s ND3520 2.U5 firmware. The drive is very good with most decent discs. I ran an analysis here quite a while ago when the drive was new and found it to be nearly as good as the famed 3500. It still is the best +RW burner I own, beating the rest by a significant margin.