Need help finding firmware



I am trying to use ala42’s read speed tool, for my BenQ162i. I recently got it, and it came with 47G9 firmware. The only other firmware that I could find on the BenQ website was the 47H9 update.
I also know that there is the unofficial firmware updater, but why is this not on the BenQ site? Is it safe to use? Should I use that firmware instead.

if I am using Benq’s firmware, then I unzip it, and take that exe file and load that into the MCSE tool. However, I am not able to select “increase read speed”. I actually cannot select anything on the side, except for “load”, “save” and “export media codes”. Any ideas on how to increase my reading speed? DO I need to get the update from the unofficial site?



The BenQ (Global) Site has all the 47x9 firmware up to the latest 47N9.

The BenQ Tool by ala42 only support 47L9 firmware. Reference his ReadMe file…


Thanks for the help. I didnt know about the global site- do you know why they post different firmwares on there than they do on the US site?

Also, I looked for ala42’s read me file, on the MCSE main page, main thread and other pages and couldnt find it. Can you direct me to it?


It’s the ReadMe file included in the MCSE download.


Thanks… I over looked it because it is called changelog.txt on my computer for some reason, and I was looking for read me.
Thanks beach-

I have another question for you- do you know if it is possible for me to get up to 16X, so use the increase writing speed that is also talked about in the main MCSE thread? I vaguely remember a thread saying that since this drive is external, and USB2.0 that it cannot acheive 16X write speed- is this true?



You are correct… The TRUE EW162I with USB2 only burn @ 12X…

I use the 47L9 firmware on a 1620 installed in a Firewire/USB2 case with a Prolific PL-3507 ChipSet. I can burn at 16X via Firewire. On USB2 12X is the MAX…


Well, it is called changelog.txt because it is the change log with some add ons :). You could also simply have a look at the sticky MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers thread, but the MCSE built in About Box and the changelog file are always up to date:

Supported firmwares:
BENQ 1620 B7P9, B7T9, B7U9, 47L9, G7P9, G7T9
BENQ 1610 B8M9, B8T9
PHILIPS DVDR1640P P3.2, P3.4, B3.2
HP 630c AH26/CH16


ala- I guess because I am a newbie I am still confused about how similar the 1620 and 162i are. Even though I saw that the firmware 47L9 was listed, I saw that is was for the 1620, and not for the 162i. But you’re saying that I should look for the firmware, and not necessarily my drive?


You are right, this is confusing. The ES162I is just the identical drive in an usb box.


The guts of both the DW1620 and the EW162I are the same…

Firmware for the external is named 47x9…
Firmware for the internal is named B7x9…
You can load external FW on internal…
You can load internal FW on external…

On an external installation the 47x9 FW gives up to 24MB/s burst rate
On an external installation the B7x9 FW gives up to 21MB/s burst rate (can’t do 16x)…


So I can install firmware for the 1620 (B7x9) onto my drive? And this would increase the burst rate? If I were to do this, and want to keep the MCSE tool, what version firmware should I flash to?



No installing internal firmware is slower than external firmware.

I know you are in two threads on this subject. I can tell you - that in a highend well tuned system the EW162I will support 12X burns.

On your system, with only a 12MB/s burst rate (as per your picture) the best you will do is 8X.

I would first suggest you try the EW162I on another system and see what the results are. As I stated before there is something wrong with your setup.


k thanks, well I guess I should be happy with the improvement (just junked a DVD200e that wrote at 2.4x). But I would like the best results possible, ya kno.
Thanks for all the help.


On the other thread, you stated it a P4 3.06GHz laptop. This hardware is fast enough to support high speed burning. So let start with one simple question. Is the USB2 ports on the motherboard or do you have to insert a PCMCIA card to get USB2 support ???

Lets start with this first !!!

Next use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed program and run create data disk. You must have a blank DVD that the test will be written on. Then save the screen image and post.


Ok, in regards to that, I just plug my drive into the back of my comp- nothing inbetween, so I think that it goes right to the motherboard. On the other thread, the first picture was of the blank disk. I just tried attaching it, but i was told that I already attached it. it is here:
post # 230.
Thanks for helping me out— I am currently trying to burn an episodic DVD using DVDShrink, and it has taken about 1.5 hours to analyze and encode the disk… and then only like 15 to write. This really needs to go faster- so thanks for tryin to help my cause.


If I understand you correctly, the picture was the complete Nero CD-DVD Test that creates a DVD and then runs all the other test and the burst rate is only 11MB/s. In addition, the USB2 ports are builtin on the laptop (on the motherboard).

Since the create data disc via Nero doesn’t use the hard drive, the problem is not HD related. Next, do you have the drive attached directly (no HUB) ???

If you have it thru a HUB, remove it, and try again !!!

Your next step is to call DELL. There has to be a BIOS issue, a driver issue, a USB fix, or something else that is pure DELL related.

On your DVD comments: I’m on a Sony P4 2.8GHz laptop using firewire and the riplock removed firmware. I can shrink a movie DVD in about 18 minutes. I only burn at 12X for quaility so it takes 6:30 to burn via Nero.


OK, well it is plugged right into the motherboard. crap, well I guess ill call dell. thanks



Hold off that call to DELL… I didn’t realize you had a second picture that was posted first. That picture in 100% correct… I would reflash the drive… Delete the drive via the Windows device manager… Reboot and let windows reinstall the drive…


Hell, call Dell anyway! They deserve it… :wink: :wink: Sorry, couldn’t resist!




I deleted the drive using device manager, rebooted and let windows reinstall the drive, but I still got a burst rate of 12. I have not reflashed the drive- I am still relatively new at this, but is this how that would be done:

  1. Revert the drive back to the original 47G9 firmware
  2. Reboot
  3. Download the 47L9 firmware
  4. Open the MCSE tool, and load the firmware into there
  5. Select “Increase Read Speed”
  6. Select “Save”
  7. Run the saved (patched) 47L9 firmware

Is that how I would do it?

Also, if I wanted to increase the read speed, I would not mess around with the media codes, in the MCSE tool, right?