Need help finding compatable discs for my lite-on dvd+rw sohw 802s



anyone out there who can help?
i am using a lite-on dvd+rw sohw 802s in my pc but am having difficulty finding compatable discs for copying my dvds
does anyone know where i can go to find out which discs this drive prefers
many thanks


i presume your talking about the 832s, you can find help here inpaticular

number III media


No It Is A 802s
Installed In My Pressario


lite-on’s prefer dvd+r’s to dvd-r’s, when burning dvd-r’s, they tend to muck it up and you get a poor quality burn that won’t be read properly. I have a lite-on 812s@832s (an 812 hacked to 832), and i use ritek dvd+r’s, the code is r02. They work really well most of the time for me, especially if you use the booktype setting. Just buy some good quality +r’s and you should be fine.


802S is the +R/+RW only version, though I’m sure we have something to fix that!

Not seen much of the 802 mentioned though, if there’s no -R calibration data, then it may not become -R capable without a 401S@411S type of hack.


Maxell 4x/8x +r have worked well with my liteon 851s@832s. The 8x are maxell media code and the 4x are usally ricohjpnr01.


Ricoh or Taiyo Yuden +R would be the way to go.


i’ve always wanted yuden discs, there so hard to get, and when i do find them, they only come in packs of 100. Could he not use omnipatcher to patch it to a 812 or 832? it would also change some of the write profiles so that certain discs would burn better.


It would seem that there is hacked firmware for 802@832
Jilly, liteon often has multiple drive models that use the same exact hardware. Using hacked firmware you can convert it from one drive model to another. Sometimes there are limitations though. I have an 851s but run firmware that makes it an 832s (which adds dual layer disk burning ability). The 851s is an 8x+r, 4x-r drive and a true 832s is 8x+r, 8x-r and dual layer. Running hacked 851s@832s firmware gives me dual layer burning but does not increase the 4x-r burning speed (the analog converter in the 851s cannot handle 8x-r if I remember right). You can convert your drive to an 832s (see the above link) but I cannot tell you if there are any limitations or not.
Also, there is a program called omnipatcher
That can modify your firmware to improve burning, increase burn speeds for disks that can handle it (such as the previously mentioned ricohjpnr01 which burn exelent at 8x even though they ar 4x disks) and such.
They of course will void your waranty so it’s your choice to use them or not. Many people have used them and they work great.
You can find out a lot more about your drive reading and or searching through the liteon forum.
In the mean time, I would very much recomend getting some ricohjpnr01 since they are on sale. They are very good quality disks and work well on most drives (liteon or other).
Staples has 15 packs of maxell for 5.97. The 4x+r are ricohjpnr01 (they could be ritekr02 which crusty tea cup recomended or taiyo yuden which is considered the best by many, but they are almost always ricohjpnr01). Also, best buy has sony 50 packs for 20$. The sony 4x+r are ricohjpnr01 also. 8x sony and maxell are good too (could be several diffrent media codes) but it might be best to stick with one media code to start. You can find out what media code your disks actually are (the true manufacture of the disk) by reading a blank disk with this free program.
I don’t want to over complicate things to start out with but I would consider updating your firmware (use official firmware if you like which will not void your waranty) and bitsetting which unless I am mistaken is supported by official firmware (with most liteon drives anyway). I would do these two things soon. In the mean time though, ricohjpnr01 has been around for a long time so your current firmware probably supports it anyway.