Need help finding cd+g ripper

Major newb here. I’m sure this has been asked before but what are some of the best Plextor drives that will rip karaoke cd+g discs onto my laptop? I say plextor because I’ve heard they are some of the best for this. Anyone know any better? Been looking and can’t get any clear-cut answers. I want to put my karaoke discs onto my laptop or external hard drive for live shows, rather than toting all those damn discs back and forth. Also, what software works best to use with the plextor or other rippers to rip the songs? Laptop has windows vista OS.

I’ve used several trial software programs from Hoster, Microstudio, Tricerasoft and Power CD+G burner. Also used PCDJ KJ Pro, Tricerasoft, and Sigalo Karaoke Pro for the players. I like sigalo’s and pcdj kj pro the best. Any other suggestions?

Microstudio doesn’t work with vista 64, which mine is. Hoster - songs played back real choppy. Tricerasoft and Power CD+G worked the best with my system. Music playback was slightly “poppy” or “crackley” here and there. I’m worried that would come through the PA as well as I have not tried hooking it up to it to find out. When I play the disc direct from my drive rather than off my computer, it is less “crackley” sounding. I’ve done all the updates (that I know of) that I can to my computer to make it smooth as possible. Switching to XP or other OS is not an option for me.

A friend of mine runs these karaoke shows using PCDJ KJ Pro and he said he used a plextor drive a couple years back too add his disc collection to computer and his songs aren’t “poppy” or “crackley” at all. He can’t recall the software he used with the plextor. Really, he won’t give me to much info on this…some friend I guess! Any information at all folks would be great. Thanks.