Need help finding a film please

If anyone can help would be very much aprecitated
i watched this film years ago
its about some girl i think its partly animated and the girl is really sort of crazy i think it has something to do with the military too i know she gets locked in this pipe for a few days or something and i think she has pink hair or summin really skinny hot i would say she goes and helps these guys who are wierd looking i think! i swear the film ios something girl???
im sorry if that makes no sense but if anyone can help like i said much apreciated

Have you tried the internet movie database
If you could remember anyone’s name involved it would help the search.

i really cant remmebr any names i thought the girl in it was that patricia arquette or whatever but its not all i remmeber is its partly animated just small bits i thinks its about water or summin its not the main thing but sort of, um she get put in this tunnel at some point of the movie but this military guy, takes over some tanks, these people help her but they are wierd looking and one of them doesnt like her ??? i dont no im still looking but its bugging the crap out of me :doh:

[I]Lady in the Water[/I] perhaps?

thats was the worst description i could have given you guys the name of the film has just popped into my head its friggin tank girl lol sorry if i put anyone out thankies for the help might have to check that lady in the water out looks good x x

For old movies you can look here as it’s where I found All The Rivers Run (1983) that is if you want to buy it,