Need help finding a Burning program that can




I need help finding a CD/DVD burning program that can span disks and allows me to controll how much data it will put on a disk before spanning to the next disks.

anyone know a program that can do this?



What exactly are you putting on these discs? Movie, Game or general data?


True, it depends on what you are burning. If you are trying to backup a DVD movie uncompressed, CloneDVD2 allows you to select which chapters of the movie to burn to the disk. DVDDXcopy also allows you to span a movie across two disks. If you are just doing data, Nero 6.x allows you to add the data and previews the required disk size below. This allows you to select files/folders up to the available disk size.


I am burning Data (a large amout of JPG files) to the disk. i want to add a folder that has the data, to the disk and have the program automiticaly span it but based on a size limit i set for the disks.


The easiest way I find is use Nero. Go to file->prefrences and put the yellow and red markers to wherever you want to set your limit.

On the other hand, there are toms of backup programs that will let you backup a drive or folder to multiple disks and ressurect them later.

If your looking for a program that will automatically sort your files out so they will split over many disks and look like you have sorted it out yourself, then I think your out of luck as I haven’t heard of one.


Kyle Katarn’s Ignition perhaps?