Need Help - Finalizing DVD+R's recorded on Ellion DVR 900A

Hi All - I brand new to this forum and need help from experts.

I’ve recently had an Ellion DVR900A dvd recorder die on me after about 2 years. I bought exactly the same model as a replacement because I was happy with it but when I got it it wouldnt play and of my DVD+R’s I’d recorded from the TV.

I now realise this is because I didnt finalize them after they recorded, they still played fine so didnt relaise I needed to do this. Anyway Ellion said the model has been upgraded slightly so it wont play the DVD+R’s with the movies I recorded on them and I cant finalize the discs on the new machine either.

Does anyone know of a clever way I can get round this so the discs can be finalized or made usable in some way so I dont lose the movies on them? Or do any users have this model (Ellion DVR 900A) that might be able to finalize them for me, I’d be prepared to pay if anyone could help.

Any advice/suggestions gratefully received. cheers keith

Hi gillison, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

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Anyone who wants to respond can do so in the other thread:

Need Help - Finalizing DVD+R’s recorded on Ellion DVR900A