Need Help! F/W Dumper for Windows XP SP2



ANYONE!!! Need falsher for windows, my drive is Mitsumi CR-487ETE… no floppy on my pc(my option) so need flasher for windows… please help… :bow:


are you looking for something to dump the f/w to the computer or are you looking for a flasher? you named both???

did you try google?


I need both, I need to dump F/W from my pc and flash it to another drive on my friend’s pc… we have the same drive and his drive is having a problem…


This drive is a OEM BTC BCE5224IM, and there is no windoze firmware dumper AFAIK.

You better tell us more details about your and your “friends” current firmware and drive revision.

[I]Edit.[/I] I see you already posted the same question with other details here:confused:


mine is 001E his drive used to be the same but flashed it to 001J and now it’s not working…