Need Help DVR-110D

I’ve just bought DVR110D serveral days ago.
I don’t have much knowledge about firmware but i asked from my friend,
he recommended me to upgrade firmware to newer version and use RPC1 firmware.
I’m currently using 1.37 Firmware from

Everything work fine except…
…i can’t scan disc. it seem to be disable. but i’ve seen some thread they use 110D to scan disc.
…i can’t do bitsetting. what firmware is needed?

and also wanna ask what’s buffaloe firmware?

Many Thanks

Use the maxrip fw in the other thread, it will allow RPC1, bitsetting, RAM, and no rip lock.

is it suite for 110D?

Why would we recommend it if not?!?

and can i downgrade firmware back from buffalo to 1.37?


Normally, i upgraded firmware by using installler with firmware from

but i’ve seen someone use DVRFlash_v2.1…


Yes! With the correct software you can upgrade and downgrade at will! Not for the faint at heart! LOL

what software is required for downgrade
or just use installer from

and how can i use this drive to scan disc…

You can try that! What is it called? DVRUPDATE and DVR flash is what I use!

Do a search and you will find too much info on this in this forum! LOL


because of search i saw someone can scan
but i can’t find how

Make sure you use DVRflash 2.2 NOT 2.1

You can use DVDinfoPro to do disc scanning, there is a free version, make sure you get the latest one.

There is a registry hack to enable cd dvd speed for quality scans. You have to remove ‘pioneer’ from the restricted drives list.

alot of the guides in what to type are a bit confusing to update firmware with dvrflash . easiest one i found was to make a folder on C: drive like this

create a folder on c drive and name it 110 , extract contents of the zip file 110_837_MAXRIP into the 110 folder you created , you should have 4 files in that 110 folder


go to RUN and type or copy and paste the command line below , the D: is the drive letter for my pioneer 110D , it will need changing to your corrosponding drive letter. you will be propmted twice to agree to the terms type Y then enter bother times. it will now start to update your firmware, dont touch anything till it has finished,couple of timers will appeare during the process, counting down then when the last one appeares, 30 seconds i think. it wont move for 20 seconds or so.(so dont worry it hasnt failed yet lol)then will start to countdown from 10,9,8 etc, then the command prompt window should close automaticly. you now have 8.37 maxrip

c:\110\DVRFLASH -vff D: RA154010.837 RA154110.837

What do you think FLASH is for???

where can i get it? registry hack.

RUN regedit

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]

and then delete PIONEER :wink:
but, i’m affraid if using Nero DVD speed (Quality Scan) onle reach max speed 3x :frowning:

HaHa, nice one chef!

If people actually read posts from Nullz they would know better.

now i’m currently use 1.37 from
I can’t upgrade to 1.39 official firmware from pioneer…
what should i do?

You can, but only by using DVRUpdate or DVRFlash. :wink:

Thanks You Guys. Now Im Using 1.39 Official…because I Can Write My Posg06 Disc At Speed Of 8x , On 1.37 Only 4x…

Anyway Im Looking For Rpc1 And Bitsetting.