NEED HELP! DVR-105 cannot read/write dvds

I have just bought pioneer dvr-105 from my friend and I have a problem!!!
it can read/write cds but it cant read/write dvds. I tried differnt types of dvds(+/- r/rw), I cleaned the lens, upgrade firmware 1.30—>1.33… What can i do???

Device Type: DVD/CD-Rom
Product ID: DVD-RW DVR-105
Product Rev: 1.33
Vendor Info: 03/05/26 PIONEER

This is likely a software problem. What platform are you using? In Windows, there are various background tasks that could interfere with DVD use. It could also be a faulty laser in the drive. Did it work in your friends computer?

If you test it in another computer and the issues remain, the drive most likely have an hardware error which can never be corrected by a firmware upgrade.

CD and DVD parts are kind of “independent” from each other.

i tried it at another computer but it still doesnt read/write dvds. I think that is an hardware error and ı couldnt repair it :frowning: :frowning: