Need help downloading anydvd and clone dvd

Hey all, I’m new to this forum and web chatting, I have just purchased anydvd and clone dvd and am unable to properly download the software. I have tried to use the tech support, and they have been of no help what so ever. they just kept telling me the same thing. here is what’s going on I downloaded the file from the slysoftware site and I received the license keys attached. when I doubled click this is the message I got,
Thank you. The output file has been created and
>>named filext_submission_output.txt and it should
>>be in the same place where you saved this batch
>>file. All that is left now is to send that file
>>to FILExt. Attach it to an E-mail sent to the
>>address: <>
>>The E-mail subject should be: Submission
>>Thank you.
>>Press any key to continue . . .

I did this and still no progam. am I waiting for a code to allow window to recognize the slysoftware file? Is there possible a fire wall that could be blocking it? any help please

do you an email attachment blocker if so diable and save to disk

no I do not have an email blocker

not email blocker
do you have attachment blocker?
if so turn off and save attachments to HDD
these are your keys

No I do not have any email attachment blockers.

You should of also got a page after your purchase to download the keys as well. If your card was accepted.

@ kemilafrench,

What you have displayed in [B]bold text [/B] in your #1 posting is nothing that is generated by SlySoft and is not part of the normal downloading and installation procedure process of the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs.

It appears that you have some 3rd party software program called “FileExt” installed on your computer.

I am unaware of exactly what “FileExt” is and how you where so lucky to get it installed your computer but I personally consider this crap SpyWare. This “FileExt” crap is interfering with the proper correct downloading and installation of the SlySoft AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs. Strongly suggest getting a free copy of SpyBot Search & Destroy and see if it will remove this “FileExt” crap from your computer.

Best Regards,

i think your right bjkg,

it looks as if it want’s you to send them your registration details and key, a very dodgy piece of spyware/trojan crap to have on your PC

i’d also download Ewido


a squared

and Malware destroyer (link is there someplace)

[B]all free[/B], & update them before you use them.