Need Help Desperatly Gsa_4163b

I have had this dvd burner for roughly one year. It suddenly stopped working. I thought that maybe it just died so I bought a new one and I still cannot burn DVDs. I can burn cds but no luck when it comes to reading or writing DVDs. I have updated the firmware. I have formatted windows and tried from scratch. I am probably missing a driver or something. Can someone suggest something please?

LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM 4167B is the exact model.

If the drive won’t read DVD media in real DOS or another computer then the DVD part of the drive is dead.

Firmware flashing will not help, because that is an hardware issue.

I have tried 2 seperate DVD Drives. They both have the same problem.

“I have formatted windows…”

What’s that supposed to mean?

You can format a hdd, but not an OS. Surely it’s buggored then.

As already suggested above, try your drives in a different PC.

One more thing you can try is to change the IDE cable that the drive is connected for a new one. The old IDE cable may gone faulty.

I appreciate your help but none of this helps. I have tried the drives in an alternate computer and they work. It is a problem with my computer. Could I be missing some kind of driver or controller?

Try to use the m$ IDE drivers.

Have you recently installed some other DVD software, and if so did it not work after the installation of such software.

If so uninstall the newly installed software and see if it works once again.

If not It sounds like a software problem, try upgrading windows over the top of the existing installation (IE: possibly fix any corrupted files) or if that does not work it sounds like you will need to reformat and do a clean install of windows, I suggest you install only one DVD burning application on reinstallation and see if the drive works properly, then continue to reinstall other DVD applications and test after each install of DVD software and see what breaks (stops) the burning capability of reading or writing of DVD’s (like I said it seems it is a software problem, or more so and incompatability between two different software programs).

After all if the drive works on another computer it is working correctly and more than likely is a conflict of different software of corrupted windows files,
if your operating system is Windows XP the drivers for the hardware are built into the operating system.

One other option is you could run system file checker to (Try) repair corrupted system files, to do that click start button- run - and type sfc.exe /scannow and make sure you have the XP CD in the drive it was installed from.

Hope that helps,

You could be unlucky and got 2 bad drives, could it be the PSU in your test machines isnt high enough wattage to support the drive.