Need help deciding which printer... / Just picked up the Canon PIXMA IP6700!

The Epson R380 or Canon Pixma iP6700D(with cd/dvd tray purchased aftermarket). Which one to get for printing on dvd’s?

I’ve got the R340 and It’s just awesome! I absolutely love it. Printing on CD/DVD’s is a snap and pretty fast too. I can’t compare to the Pixma because I have not used it. I use Verbatim DVD DL, TY DVD-R watershield, and TY CDR 52x Watershield. Blacks come out great. Waterproof and smudgeproof (except the Verbatim’s which need to be sprayed). They look as good or better than profesionally made discs. The epson software for printing on the disc is good but I bought a program for $40 called SureThing labeler and it makes things much easier for me. There is no difference in the output between the the two programs though, it’s just that SureThing does more little things that I like.

The trend for disc printers appears to be that the Epson gives slightly better results, and the Canon is faster at printing them.

You’ll probably be happy with both of the results as they are both good machines. Would suggest you get whichever machine you like the specs of best, as it is really a question of personal choice.

Thanx. I went with the Canon. Reviews give it [I]slightly[/I] better overall marks.

For $159.99 at Best Buy. Sweet!

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