Need help deciding firmware for 6650a

hi there you all.i need help on deciding which firmware would provide me the best fucntions n speed n compatability…my original firmware for nec 6650a was dell oem 103c…i am thinkin of flashing it but there are too many and i dont really know wad bitsetting, riplock and bookmark really mean…

NEC-6650A Original Firmware

Download link Description
NEC 6650A 1.23
NEC 6650A 1.42
NEC 6650A 1.62
NEC 6650A 1.B0 (NEW 28-06-2006)
NEC 6650A 102C
NEC 6650A 103C

NEC 6650A 1.23 RPC1, bitsetting and riplock removed (Liggy)
NEC 6650A 1.42 RPC1, bitsetting and riplock removed (Liggy)
NEC 6650A 1.62 RPC1, bitsetting and riplock removed (Liggy)
NEC 6650A 102C RPC1 and riplock removed (Liggy)
NEC 6650A 103C RPC1 and riplock removed (Liggy)
NEC ND6650A Reverse ATA firmware package NEC ND6650A Normal ATA firmware package

6650 Firmware Revisions
NEC 1.23
NEC 1.23
NEC 1.B0
NEC 102C
NEC 103C
NEC 1.42

i found these on the web…i don’t know if there are any newer versions…can anyone guide me pls.if yes pls inform me thank you

I highly suggest you read the [I]BIG NEC FAQ[/I]. There’s a reason why it’s a sticky post that says [B]READ FIRST[/B]. Under the Modified Firmware section is the info you seek.

Your Dell 103C firmware (and it’s slave variation 203C) has the latest write strategies already. Unless you want to try the Booktype bitsetting, RipLock removed, or RPC1 features then you should stick with it.

Also the version numbers are somewhat misleading for a noobie, especially for the slimline drives. For the ND-6650 specifically, with a version format of X.YZ, the major version X indicates whether it’s a master or slave (1 and 2, respectively). The minor version Y indicates an OEM like Dell, MadDog, IO-Data, etc. The patch level version Z [I]usually[/I] is a good indicator comparing firmware versions.

thank you very much for ya help