Need help cross-flashing H54L to H55L

I’ve read the instructions on how to crossflash the H54L to the H55L with the Mediacodespeed edit tool but I need to be told exactly how to unpack the firware into a bin file from the flasher.

Using winrar or wizip just unpacks the flasher/firmware combo as a single file, and a readme text. Loading the flasher/firmware file into mediacode tool gives me the " the firmware seems to be packed. try using winrar to unpack it error" how do I do that?

Right clicking the flasher/firware combo file with winrar or winzip gives no option to extract anything out of the flasher itself so I’m at a loss how to proceed.

cany anyone expalin this in simple terms or provide a link to the firmware in the form I need it to be in so I can cross flash my H54L?
Hell, I’d even sttle for a link to the H54L firmware, but there is no firmaware for that anywhere on the Net. Not the usless LG website, or the buffaloe website, it’s very frustrating!

Read the first post of the sticky LG MCSE thread.

I read every post of that thread. nothing in there decribes HOW to extract the firmware from the unzipped/unpacked Flasher/firmware! all it ever says is "extract the firmware and save it as as a .bin file. that is NOt an instruction as to HOW to do that.

I’ve unpacked the original file, it unzips into the Flasher/frimware combo-file, and a simple read-me text. I’ve then right-clicked the unpacked flasher/firmware file with wizip and winrar but since it is already unpacked from it’s original zipfile, neither of these offer any options to extract a part of the file (the firmware) from the combined flasher/firmware file.

Again I ask: how exactly can this be done???

Ok, The question is this: how do I save just the firmware as a.bin file? downloading it simply gives the flasher with no option to save just the firmware, without the flasher. what am I missing here?
Hoow do I get the firmware out of the Flasher? is there no weher thjat has just the firmware saved as as a .bin file??

Your not reading the instructions correctly. You see, if you can’t understand this you might be a candidate for toasting your drive permanently.

There is no H54 firmware available.


[B]H50/H55 standalone flasher patch[/B]
The H50/H55 flasher can be patched to become a [B][U]standalone flasher[/U][/B] allowing to manually select the firmware .bin file to be flashed.
1/ [U][B]Download the flasher[/B][/U] you want to modify.
2/ Start MCSE.
3/ Load the [B][U]flasher .exe[/U][/B] file.
[B][U]4/ Ignore the “Firmware file seems to be packed” warning, as you want to patch the flasher, not the firmware.[/U][/B]
5/ Click the [I][U]enable standalone flasher[/U][/I] checkbox
6/ [B][U]Save[/U][/B] the modified flasher.
7/ To flash a .bin firmware file, start the modified flasher and select the target drive, click the browse icon to select the firmware file.



  • Firmware has to be in .bin format.
  • Firmware.exe packages need to be extracted. Rename the .exe file to .zip. Use winrar or winzip to unpack the .bin file.
  • To flash the firmware to the drive the flasher needs to be patched, [B][U]see above[/U][/B].
  • Overspeeding of 4x +R and all -R media might not work
  • Supports crossflashing H50/H54 drives to H55 by patching the firmware .bin file
  • Supports overspeeding of 4x/8x +R media to 12x and 16x
  • Strategy swapping is lossless, so the target MID can still be used
  • Riplock patch available
  • RPC1 patch available

You can load the .Bin file into MCSE and change your write strategies if you want. You can check the Riplock patch and or the RPC1 patch and select the drive H54 in the bottom right, if I remember correctly. Save the .Bin file then start the new speedpatch standalone flasher, and load that new .Bin file into it.

The modified flasher is ready.

If you mess up, you might have to kiss your drive goodbye. They make good paper weights or Bookends.

I can return to old rirmware (H54L) when i do crossflash to H55L 1.055 ??

[QUOTE=nierealny;2140060]I can return to old rirmware (H54L) when i do crossflash to H55L 1.055 ??[/QUOTE]
Yes you can.

How ?? Only download this FW and install ?? Or I must crossflash(modify FW) GSA-H54L_1.02 to H55L