Need help copying Sony Music CD



What CD protection does Sony Music use. clonyxxl cant find no protection on disc. After coping, when the audio disc is playin on my cd player, the last 10 secs from a prev track is in the next track on every track. I’m trying to copy ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ by ‘Sony Music’

Plz help



the marker/post it trick works fine.was able to rip all the tracks.


The kal ho naa ho cd is protected by cactus data shield 2.00.015 , it is copyable.
i.e if u have a capable writer.
try copying it with ur alcohol 120 .
or try copying it using eaxact audio copy.
or easy cd-da extractor( i’ve this software co. is very un ethical).
It is more hardware dependent .
any try my suggestions , best of luck.