Need Help Copying Roller Coaster Tycoon 2



Hello. I’m new here. I’ve peeked around a bit for information on making a backup copy of my kids’ Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 software CD. I did find some information, but I’m not real clear on how to use it. I’m hoping someone can simplify the process for me after I provide some background information and history.

Now, the background and history: I tried copying the CD using Adaptec CD Copier V.4.05(409). Yes, I know it’s an old program, but I’ve had good success with it. The CD drive used was a Plextor CD+R PX-W1210S. Again, this is an older drive, but I’ve had good success with it. Finally, the computer is running Win 98SE. The CD copied with no apparent problems, but when I tried to run the program from the copy, nothing happens. I tried to reinstall the software from the copy and it reinstalled, but still wouldn’t run. I’m guessing that this is the copy-protection at work, but I don’t know.

I do have an option for copying: I have a Win XP machine with an Emprex DVD Dual 16X Double Layer DVD/CD Writer. My guess is that this machine and burner would work better since they are technologically newer.

If anyone can give me some guidance about where to begin and the steps to take, I would really appreciate it. I am computer literate (but copy-protection illiterate), so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to understand the process. TIA…


It is certainly the copy protection at work. The game is copy protected with securom 4.8x + and you cannot make a working copy with a simple cd copier program.

See the tutorial section where you’ll find a variety of tutorials for making working back-up copies of cds protected with versions of securom from 4.8x up to 7.x both with and without emulation techniques.

Look through them and and then report back if you have queries or if you run into difficulties.


Thanks for the response, philamber. I’ve looked through the tutorial section and I guess I’m a bit confused, because there seems to be quite a few options, but nothing tells me which is the best or most recommended. I did run across your post using CloneCD, which seems to be pertinent and fairly straightforward. Is that a good one to use?

Also, I have some questions beforehand:

  1. What are “emulation techniques” and how do they relate to making a backup copy of a game CD?

  2. I’ve seen in other threads on this site, that the brand and/or quality of the DVD/CD Burner has a lot of bearing on copying success. Is that an accurate statement applicable to my situation?

  3. Finally, am I better off using my Win XP machine with the Emprex DVD Dual 16X Double Layer DVD/CD Writer. The model number is DVDRW1016IM?

Thanks again.


Awaiting a response to my previous post, I downloaded ClonyXXL and scanned the Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 disc. It determined that the file RCT2.EXE is copy protected with SecuROM new V I’m not sure what this means, but the version seems a bit older than another (V I’ve seen in other posts in this forum. TIA


ClonyXXL is outdated and should no longer be used. Use A-Ray scanner instead. However, in this case, it’s probably correct, not that the minor variation in version # makes any difference. For all practical purposes securom version # 4.82x is the same as 4.83x.

To answer your questions:

  1. Emulation techniques are where some other piece of software must be running in the background to enable you to play the game from a back-up copy. In the case of securom 4.8x +, alcohol’s RMPS emulation is perhaps the best known example. The advantage of such an emulated copy is that it will work from almost every drive. The disadvantage is that it will not work at all unless either alcohol or daemon tools is installed on the system and with RMPS emulation activated.

  2. Brand and model of drive can make a significant difference to copying success though that is applicable more to safedisc protected games than to those protected by securom 4.8x +. With securom 4.8x + what is usually more significant is the drive that you want to use to play the back-up copy and, more commonly, that from which you want to install ther game.

  3. I’m not familiar with your Emprex drive though I suspect that it’s a common drive that’s been re-badged. If you want to make an emulated copy it probably won’t make much difference which drive you use. However, if you want to try for a non-emulated twinpeak copy, it may well be easier to install and run the game from the back-up copy from the Emprex (unless it happens to be a re-badged LG which are known to have trouble with twinpeak copies).

[Note too that the version of securom used on this game has an atip check so if you want to run a back-up copy, whether emulated or twinpeak, from a writer then you’ll need an atip hiding utility such as alcohol’s Ignore media type or CloneCD’s hide cdr media. However, this is unnecessary if run the back-up copy from an ordinary cd/dvd rom.]


Thanks again philamber. :bow: I really appreciate your help. However, I’ve got more questions :confused:

  1. Your info on ClonyXXL and A-Ray Scanner is duly noted. I will download A-Ray Scanner and discard ClonyXXL.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong about emulation . . . . Emulation makes it more likely that the backup CD will play on all CD/DVD drives, but it’s a hassle, because you’ve got to have other software running. Now, does this other software reside on the CD with the backup copy of the game or on the computer on which you are playing the backup copy of the game? And, if you don’t use emulation, how likely is it that your backup copy won’t play on a given CD/DVD drive? Is it just a matter of trial and error?

  3. Is there any way to tell the manufacturer of a re-badged CD/DVD-RW drive?

  4. What about an old NEC CD drive circa 1998 with a SCSI interface? Would it be limited in its playback of a non-emulated backup copy?

  5. Finally, does the atip hiding utility need to run in the background when trying to play a backup copy on a DVD/CD writer, or does it just have to be present?

Thanks again.



philamber (or anyone else), please answer the questions in my previous post? :bow: TIA

  1. Good.

  2. An emulated copy requires both the relevant disc info to be recorded on the copy cd and a separate program to be running in the background (usually a tsr so the program that initiated it need not be running too; e.g if you enable RMPS emulation in alcohol’s emulation options, you can close off alcohol and RMPS emulation will remain active). Non-emulated copies, if properly made, will run on the overwhelming majority of drives (LG drives are an exception) but some drives that will run a copy have difficulties installing from a twinpeak copy (examples are Toshiba dvd roms, Plextor drives generally and Asus cdrws; however, as you already know, practically any drive can install from a simple copy made with any general copying program even if that copy can’t be used to play the game). As to whether any particular drive will run a twinpeak copy, try it with a cdrw and see.

  3. No idea. Hardware isn’t my long suit. I suggest that you post a specific query as to which company makes your Emprex drive in the Burner Forum. The chances are that someone will know.

  4. In all probability your old NEC cdrom will work just fine.

  5. Same as with RMPS emulation. Ignore media type is a tsr. Once you’ve enabled it it will continue to run in the background after alcohol is closed off.


I feel strange bringing this old post back up, but I’ve run into a problem with my backup/working copy of RCT2. I’ve played computer upgrade in my house and all my kids have moved up to more updated (read that term loosely) machines. My daughter that used the backup/working copy of RCT 2 had a PII, Windows 98 machine, and the RCT 2 backup worked fine in it. She’s now received a hand me down from an older sibling, a PIII, Windows XP machine, with the NEC SCSI CD drive (circa 1998) mentioned in a previous post above.

The problem is that the RCT 2 backup won’t run in the updated machine. Just like in her previous machine, I installed from the original CD. Now, when we insert the backup CD to play the game, the initial splash screen comes up just fine (with autoplay), but when we click on the play button, the game starts loading, but then the screen goes black and the game hangs. Then, I can only CTRL-ALT-DEL, or do a hard reboot of the computer.

I’ve looked around on the BB, but haven’t found an answer. I thought maybe it had something to do with the SCSI CD drive, but I couldn’t confirm it with a search, so I thought I’d come back and resurrect this thread in hopes that someone can help me, please.

Edit: BTW, it’s probably important to know that I did not use emulation to make the backup/working copy of RCT 2.


Bump. . . . . .

Anybody have any ideas?


Either there’s some type of software conflict or the cd-rom in the new/old drive is choking on the twin sectors when you try to run the game (even though, apparently, it is defeating the guard module).


[QUOTE=philamber;2097698]Either there’s some type of software conflict or the cd-rom in the new/old drive is choking on the twin sectors when you try to run the game (even though, apparently, it is defeating the guard module).[/QUOTE]Thanks again, philamber!

Is there any way to determine which one is the cause of the problem? Could the SCSI CD-ROM be causing the problem? I do have a spare IDE CD-ROM drive laying around that I could hook up, but I don’t know if the mere presence of the SCSI interface (boot drive is SCSI) will cause a problem or not? I’m looking for some guidance here. TIA.


philamber (or any one else with knowledge), I don’t know if you saw my previous post. Is there any way to determine which is the cause of my problems? Please see my previous post. Thanks.