Need help copying NBA Live 2000 PSX



can anyone give me some advice on copying nba live 2ooo for psx? i have a modchip and have tried to copy it several times. when i turn the psx on though, all i get is the white sony intro screen with the diamond and it just freezes. am i doing something wrong? i use CDR-Win 3.8a and have set error message to ignore and ready recount to 90 and all the other settings i got from a cdfreaks user. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx a lot.



If your CD Writer supports it - use CloneCD to make your backups. I never had a bad copy using it.

you get it on


at what speed have you tried burning this game at??

Personally I only burn at 4x, I have burnt a couple of cd’s succesfully at 8x, but I don’t wanna keep doing that.

I have that game, NBA LIVE 2k, but I didn’t make a copy of it, I got the iso, so I don’t know if it might have some sort of copy protection.



i tried to burn it using 1x data and 1x audio


Ive copied it with CloneCd It works fine !! Reading: Options Digital ID on am´nd Extra Data on Writing: Dont repairsubchannel data !!

Test and enjoy


man, i tried to freakin’ burn this game with cdr-win, and clone cd with all the recommended settings from fellow cdfreaks members, and still no luck. on the copy or console freaks site, they mention that NBA Live 2ooo may be SafeDisk protected. i got some patches and tried to use them and even then it still doesn’t work. has anyone actually copied this game successfully? please help!! thanx for any feedback