Need help copying Fifa 2003

I bought Fifa 2003 today and need to make a backup - there are 2 discs - the first once copies fine using CloneCD but the second disc does not work properly - it says it copied fine, but I cannot play Fifa with it. Can someone explain to me how I can copy Fifa 2003 successfully? Thanx…

check out Philamber’s post

It’ll get you started!

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G@M3FR3@K, I don’t know if its just my computer but I am getting a broken link for your “Search Results.”


The problem with the current version of Clone CD FES (Fast Error Skip) does not allow a correct backup of the Safe Disk 2.8 version games, as I am sure you know by now.

The possible alternative would be to use Disk Dump Frontend for reading and Fire Burner 2.1.7 for writing.

Philamber has gone through some extensive work on putting a sticky to let everyone knows how this is done.