Need help copying a software disc



Hi all~
First let me say that I have been burning dvd’s for a while now. I use dvddecrytpter, dvdshrink…the question I have concerns a regular cd software. My boss at work asked me to make a backup copy of our mortgage software disc so that if the original gets damaged he will have another one. Do I burn it the same way as a dvd? Is it better to burn to a cd-r or to a dvd-r? Can someone please point me in the correct direction. I really appreciate it.
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you could : Use clone cd, or just copy and paste to a folder on your HD then burn with Nero or other data burning software. just burn to cd unless it will not fit. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


If you have Nero, just open up Nero Express, click on copy entire disc, and copy to another cd.


So essentially it would be just like copying a music cd? Is there any issues with the “installation” files? I think the only software I have to use is either dvdencryptor or winmedia player. Would these work? Also, I only have cd-r’s not cd-rw’s is that also ok?

Thank you so much for the replies!!! :iagree:


I just found a disc called “Pinnacle Studio” Version 8 se, is this a burning software like Nero?


Pinnacle studio is a video editor software to create video dvds or cds, it’s not a
classic burning software like nero, or record now. I would use nero for burning, or as
the guys above suggested clone cd etc…
And look for a quality media for backups!


ok, should I download the free full version trial of Nero 6 and use the Nero express? Would that work?


Sure, if you don’t have nero, just download it from their site,
and you could start with burnin :wink:


Okie Dokie, I will give it a shot, I will let you know how it goes. Thank you again!!! :bow:


Well I am having problems. I downloaded the Nero program and installed it. I put the original disc and started Nero Express indicating that I wanted a full copy. The program started and a menu popped up asking for a blank cd-r disc. I put one in and waited and waited and nothing ever happened, the menu still stayed up showing no disc. I made sure it was a blank disk. I did see that nero detected that the original disc was copyrighted, is this the problem and what can I do about it?



well I figured it was my burner, lite-on 411S that was not being nice. I went to hubbies puter and he has a Sony burner and in about 2mins. I made the back up cd. It plays fine just like the original.

Just wanted to update the post and to thank all of you who has helped me!! :bigsmile:


Come back soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: