Need help copying a DVD with 2 main parts on it

I am trying to burn a copy of the Bridge Over the River Kwai form DVD to DVD+R. The movie is on 1 side of a DVD and the main movie is broken into 2 parts. I’m using DVD Decrypter and DVD2SVCD (trying to anyway :bow: ).

OK, here is what I did. I used the IFO function in Decrypter to rip both of the main movie files and ended up with a VIDEO_TS file that contained 2 IFO files (VTS_01_0, VTS_03_01), video files (VTS_01_1.VOB … VTS_01_4.VOB, VTS_03_1.VOB … VTS_03_4.VOB), and stream info (VTS_01, VTS_03).

Next, I deleted both of the stream info files and the VTS_03_01 IFO file. Then I renamed the video files from pt 2 to continue the VOB numbers from pt 1 of the movie (i.e., VTS_03_1.VOB > VTS_01_5.VOB, etc.) .

Started up DVD2SVCD and loaded in remaining IFO file (VTS_01_0) and it indicated the length of pt. 1 only. Ran conversion and ended up with pt. 1 encoded correctly approximately 2.1 GB but nothing done with part 2.

Just a couple of things to add. I want to copy both parts to a single DVD+R. Part 1 and 2 of the movie combined are approx. 7GB in length that’s why I’m using DVD2SVCD to compress (don’t want to use shrink). Oh, it’s “on” and not “over” from earlier post ;).

Would appreciate any comments or help, thanks.